I want my Linux back

I got a really good deal on a iMac 500mhz computer for my birthday. What would normally cost $150-200 on ebay cost me $50 because the guy didn’t know what he had. I wanted a computer that I could just do my work on and know that it is stable enough to not crash everytime I turned around. My reason for leaving Linux is 2-fold. 1. Serena’s PC crashed and I gave her mine and install WinXP on it for her. 2. I like to tinker with Linux too much, and so I end up breaking it a little too often. Don’t get me wrong, Linux is a fine and stable OS, but I like to play a little too much.

As for the iMac. It’s a lie. It doesn’t “just” work. I’ve had to invest a lot of time downloading new software to get it to do what I want. I’m not rich, or even very middle-class. I can’t afford the newest version of Appleworks or even MS Office, so I use OpenOffice 2.0 RC3 (There’s not a 2.0 Stable version out for OSX). I can’t afford graphic editing software, so I use a buggy old version of TheGimp. Most of my software is either open source or not 100% legal cough. Furthermore, my periferals don’t even work. Neither OSX or OS9 can see my scanner or my USB CD Burner. Linux could. Until I networked my printer through the Microsoft Windows box and installed special Open Source drivers, it couldn’t see the printer (Mac’s don’t have parallel ports anymore). Mac’s may “just work” when you buy the newest periferals, but as for me, it’s not doing the job. Next spring, I will buy a new PC mobo with an Athlon 64 processor. I will install Debian and White Box Linux, and I won’t go back.