Creating the Ultimate Container Playground: LXD on Kubic


LXC (Linux Containers) are whole-system containers. They are meant to be able to do just about anything you can do with a VM with a percentage of the system resources and and a tiny startup time.

During Installation:

During installation, you can pretty much choose defaults for everything except you will need to create two additional btrfs subvolumes and if you gave your VM more than 30G of space, you will need to specify that manually because the installer will only recognize 30G by default.

Create btrfs subvolumes for:

After Installation

Add the snappy repo

sudo zypper addrepo --refresh snappy

Create the last subvolume needed for snappy

sudo btrfs subvolume create /var/lib/snapd

Install snappy

sudo transactional-update pkg install snapd


Enable and start the snapd service

sudo systemctl enable snapd && sudo systemctl start snapd

Install the LXD snap

sudo snap install lxd


Initialize LXD

lxd init (choose defaults to make life easier the first time)

Create your first LXC container. The first time you create the container, LXD will download the image. After that any new containers build from that image will start very quickly.

lxc launch images:opensuse/42.3 opensuse

Enter into your first container

lxc exec opensuse bash

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