So far, my journey to increase my knowledge of electronics has been going pretty slowly. Thanks to Pete Millett's Technical Books Online site, I have learn a lot about the basics of electronics, and I am beginning to really see how oscillators work. This is something that isn't really explained in most resources that are online or otherwise.

To those who put electronics tutorials and the like online: Why must you assume that the reader is either a math whiz or already intimately understands the workings of electronics. You don't explain how things work without tons of math, you assume that we just need to know that they work. Maybe I'm dumb, but I learn best by being able to picture what is going on and then applying math to it. The ARRL Handbook is guilty of this as well! The only books that really take time to explain most of this stuff is the older books and books like "Now you're talking!"

Anyway, I'm going back to the old books and the books for true amateurs. I really need to enroll in an online algebra/geometry/trig class.

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1 thought on “Learning”

  1. Say, Jason, I was Googling with “hamstick dipole” when your site turned up. I read enough to realize that (for my purposes) this was a false positive.

    However, if you’re still struggling with Morse Code, I can give my very highest recommendation to this combination:

    http://hfradio.org/koch_1.html — explanatory article
    http://www.g4fon.net/ — free software download

    I believe you’ll find (as I did) that the Koch CW Trainer is simply a drop-dead great application.

    Good luck es 73!


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