Is e17 the killer app that Linux has been waiting for?

I downloaded the Ubuntu binaries for e17 last night, and I was blown away.  My computer’s specs are modest by most geek-machine comparisons, but the eye candy was brilliant.  The speed of the desktop was very good and everything was nicely arranged by default to give a pleasent view of this desktop manager.  Mac snobs like to gripe about how easy everything is to use and how well everything is laid out.  With the slight lurning curve of understanding how Linux packages work as opposed to the hunt, download, and install philosphy of Mac and Windows users, I think a well thoughtout Linux based on a clean e17 desktop could be the bridging point for those on the fence between the Mac’s and PC’s.  A Linux box will be, by design, will be cheaper than a Mac and runs on the same hardware as Windows, but has the same ease of use as a Mac.  In my opinion, the biggest problem with Linux going mainstream is native hardware support and 3rd Party software.

A live cd containing e17 can be found here.  Download it, burn it, and enjoy it.

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1 thought on “e17”

  1. I first used Enlightenment about five years ago and I thought it was uber cool. I spent hours making my computer look as different as I could imagine, But eventually I went back to Gnome and started working again. Too much eye candy is a distraction. Not to say it isn’t fun to play with now and again, but as Geeks, we sometimes forget that the computer is not really a toy, it’s a tool.

    The only thing keeping Linux out of the mainstream is OEM lockout. When OEM’s get out from under the Microsoft stranglehold, then we will see more people using it. Every PC on the market should be $100.00 cheaper with Linux on it and you should have that option.

    The Mac OS is just as hard to learn as Linux for a Windows only person. You just have to have an open mind. In my experience, closed source creates closed minds.

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