broken-computer-1On October 17th, I was laid off from what was supposed to be a long term contract at IBM after having previously laid off at another job at a certain ailing mortgage company.  Job hunting as been really tough and the only thing that has looked really good so far is sales job at Tiger Direct.

What’s holding me back, besides the terrible economy, is the fact that I may have 8 years of experience working at a help desk, but I don’t have a single technical certification to “prove” what I know.  Sadly, too many hiring decisions are made by folks who can’t tell a cd-rom drive from a cup holder, and technical certifications are the only things they have to tell them if you know what you’re talking about.  Personally, I find the dependence on technical certifications to be silly at best, but those are the rules that we have to live by.

For those of you who are also jobless and looking to improve your resume, here are some links with important information for those who are also looking to get their technical certs.  This post is by no means complete or exhaustive.  I’ll past more on the certifications page as I have time.

Certification Companies

Cisco Exams






CompTIA Exams

Redhat Exams

LPI Exams

General Training Resources

“Other” Training Resources

2 thoughts on “Certifications”

  1. As a holder of many technical certifications, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have over 30 years of experience in the computer world. and worked hard to gain numerous certifications and was proud that I held them until one day I had a sales rep bring this young man who held an MCSE certification as I did into the server room and he goes “Ohhh so that’s what a switch looks like”. After that I only work for companies that can appreciate what I have done in the past. 73

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  2. I went and got my A+ and my Network+ several years ago thinking the same thing you were. All it did was put me in debt. In the IT industry one never knows if the next job interview will be interested in someone that has all the certs in the world, or if you will run into an interviewer that could care less and wants real world experience. After a little over 3 years of starving in that industry I got out. None of the jobs payed worth a darn anyway. I sure do wish you luck, and hope you find what you are looking for!

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