Rainy Days

When I was a kid, we used to play board games in school on rainy days. I wasn’t yet a chubby kid; that would come later but I had a touch of asthma, didn’t run very fast and had awkward gait. On the rainy days, I was equal to the other kids. I was good at little kid trivia, shoots and ladders, and other games of that sort for 7 year olds. On those days, I was an equal to my peers. After school I went back to being the lonely poor kid and on sunny days I was the kid who didn’t get picked to play games. Rainy days left and indelible mark on me; I’ll never get over it. I love them. I love the darkness of them. I love the coolness in the summer and terrifying thunderclaps in the middle of the night. When everyone else feels gloomy and sad; I am at peace.

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