Why are there toilets on my openSUSE wallpaper?

First of all, the entire wallpaper is here:

On the right-hand side, there are these cool line-art cad drawing with Geeko in the middle. The problem is that these aren’t just just random lines nor are they circuits boards or anything like that. These are architectural blueprints. There are 5 full bathroom and a small piece of a 6th. There’s also a couple of conference rooms.

My proof:

Why do I care?

I think it’s hilarious. It’s a strange decision for a wallpaper and I bizarre easter egg to find.

Rainy Days

When I was a kid, we used to play board games in school on rainy days. I wasn’t yet a chubby kid; that would come later but I had a touch of asthma, didn’t run very fast and had awkward gait. On the rainy days, I was equal to the other kids. I was good at little kid trivia, shoots and ladders, and other games of that sort for 7 year olds. On those days, I was an equal to my peers. After school I went back to being the lonely poor kid and on sunny days I was the kid who didn’t get picked to play games. Rainy days left and indelible mark on me; I’ll never get over it. I love them. I love the darkness of them. I love the coolness in the summer and terrifying thunderclaps in the middle of the night. When everyone else feels gloomy and sad; I am at peace.