Adventures with Kubeadm on OpenSUSE Kubic

This video is a little kludgy.  It was literally my first time putting together the cluster and if you notice at the end, it doesn’t actually work. None of the worker nodes are actually usable. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

linux-3q2c:~ # kubectl get nodes
NAME         STATUS     ROLES     AGE       VERSION
linux-3q2c   NotReady   master    3m        v1.11.1
linux-fykp   NotReady   <none>    1m        v1.11.1
linux-gbv8   NotReady   <none>    51s       v1.11.1    

In the meantime, thanks to this post, I’ve reinstalled with cri-o and now have a fully functional cluster.

jsevans@jserver:~> kubectl get nodes
linux-3q2c Ready master 2h v1.11.1
linux-fykp Ready <none> 1h v1.11.1
linux-gbv8 Ready <none> 1h v1.11.1

What have I been doing with my new cluster?

I installed the Kubernetes dashboard, Helm, and WordPress with Helm. I’ve also had to really dig into what it means to use RBAC.  In CaaS Platform 1-3, a lot of your RBAC stuff was already done for you. Now I’ve had to specifically set RBAC to get the Dashboard credentials working as well as to get Tiller working. It’s a learning experience and it’s good to get these fundamentals down pat.

Screenshot from 2018-08-21 20-56-47

Screenshot from 2018-08-21 20-58-13


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